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Machine Learning in the Healthcare Industry: An Overview

April, 27 2022

The advent of different types of technologies is helping various industries significantly. Among the most important technologies that have emerged in recent times, artificial intelligence or AI ranks really high. In this digital age, most of the businesses deal with loads of data. Therefore, it is extremely important to manage the data in the right way. AI is changing the way humans use data.

There are different types of sub-fields of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is one such sub-field that is gaining in importance across various industries on a regular basis. Among the various industries where this technology is used, machine learning in healthcare is surely one of the most important. It plays an important role in detecting ailments and saving lives.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is defined as the process in which a machine imitates human behavior. It does so by using data and algorithms. So, in many ways, it's similar to the ways in which humans learn, but is performed by machines. These machines use sample large amounts of data to create a model using the algorithms. This is done using these sets of large data to detect the pattern. The machines learn from these patterns and make decisions or even predictions in various fields.

Machine Learning in Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most important industries in human civilization. It is tasked with the processes of detecting diseases, removing ailments, and saving lives. Hence, it is extremely important for the industry to remain updated on a regular basis. This is why the healthcare industry uses some of the most advanced and up to date technologies that become available. Therefore, this industry has become one of the first and major fields for the use of machine learning technology.

How is Machine Learning Helping Professionals in the Healthcare Industry?

The task of the professionals of the healthcare industry is quite important as well as complex. They need to understand various ailments and fight them to help the patients recover.

Won’t it be great if the healthcare professionals had the required data to predict various diseases?

In this digital age, there is no dearth of data that the healthcare professionals require. Data from almost every medical case is saved and stored for future use. However, the process of storing the data is not always streamlined. Besides, it’s important to have the right procedures to analyze and utilize the data that have been stored. Only then the data can come in handy to improve the performance of the field of healthcare. And one of the best ways to do this in the healthcare industry is by using machine learning.

Tasks Performed by Machine Learning in the Healthcare Industry

Machine learning performs a variety of tasks in healthcare using the available data. Each of the tasks plays an important role to enhance the performance of the healthcare industry with every passing day. Some of the tasks performed by machine learning in the healthcare industry include:

  • Predicting
  • Classifying
  • Grouping
  • Ranking
  • Detecting deviation
  • Automating


There are enough data available for the medical professionals these days due to the digitization of most of the systems. Therefore, they can use the data with machine learning for analysis. This helps to find out the current trends and based on them, the prediction for future events are performed.


When a number of diseases are identified, it is important to classify them. It helps to identify the diseases easily in future.


When the data about a number of medical cases are available, it is important to group the data. Machine learning in healthcare can come in really handy to create clusters of similar cases in the healthcare industry.


Once the information about various medical cases are available, it is important to arrange them in the order of importance. Machine learning ensures that you can organize every information in their order of importance and relevance. Arranging the information in this manner helps the users find them easily while searching.

Detecting Deviation

Using available data, machine learning helps you find the pattern in the medical cases that occur over a period of time. However, there are also various cases that stand out from the patterns formed by other cases. Machine learning is useful in detecting these deviations as well. They also find out a way to deal with these deviations in a successful manner.


As in any other industry, there are various repetitive tasks in the healthcare industry as well. Some of these tasks include appointment scheduling, data entry, inventory management, and so on. If these tasks are not automated, they consume excessive time as well as efforts of the medical professionals. The use of machine learning ensures that such repetitive tasks are automated to streamline them.

Practical Uses of Machine Learning in the Healthcare Industry

As machine learning can be used to perform a variety of tasks in the healthcare industry, the technology finds its use in multiple ways. The use of this technology ensures that the diseases can be detected and treated with greater efficiency by the healthcare professionals. This, in turn, helps to better the rate of treatment and cure of different kinds of patients.

Here’s a quick look at some of the ways in which machine learning can be used to improve the performance of the healthcare industry.

Diagnose and Predict Diseases Accurately

The use of machine learning for diagnosis of diseases has become quite popular among the medical professionals in recent times. And it's not without any significant reason. Machine learning is known to play an important role in detecting various types of cancers and several other diseases, which otherwise are extremely hard to find out. With a wide range of data at their disposal, medical professionals can use machine learning to make almost accurate predictions about diseases. They can also diagnose and identify the diseases correctly.

Maintain Healthcare Records Efficiently

One of the most important things that any healthcare institution needs to do is maintain large amount of healthcare records. This surely isn't an easy task for the healthcare professionals. However, the advent of machine learning in healthcare is helping them manage the healthcare records in a better way. The professionals can use machine learning based OCR recognition techniques to perform these tasks.

Use Image Analysis

Before the advent of machine learning, it wasn't easy for healthcare professionals to diagnose diseases, as they did not have enough data about it. Machine learning, however, has made it possible to use the technology to take medical images. Thus, the physicians have a better visibility and can analyze more data for disease diagnosis.

Personalize Treatment for Patients

Machine learning works on the data, which are available from past cases. This ensures that it has become easier to analyze the medical history of a patient. Machine learning is using this medical history to provide the patient with a personalized treatment. This improves the performance of the treatment procedure.

Provide Advises to Adjust Behavior

Various things people do unconsciously on a regular basis have a negative impact on their health. Machine learning can be used to keep a track of all these activities. Once these activities are listed, it becomes easy for the medical professionals to advise you about the ways in which you need to correct and adjust the behaviors.

Summing It Up

From artificial intelligence surgery to epidemic controls, machine learning is likely to have a significant impact on the healthcare industry in near future. While the positive impact of the use of machine learning can already be felt in various areas of the healthcare industry, several other things are likely to be impacted in near future. With more advancement to be made in the technology, machine learning is expected to continue playing an even more important role in the healthcare industry in the years to come.

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