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How the Application of AI and ML is Changing Cyber Security?

July, 14 2022

For most of the businesses, cyber security still remains a matter of grave concern. With the advent of digitization, majority of the organizations have entered the digital world. Apart from other changes, this means that they have to work with a lot more data than they were doing before. And lots of these data are quite sensitive. Therefore, the business data must be secured in the right way.

Almost every organization understands that it is important to keep business data safe and away from the reaches of the cyber criminals. However, this is not an easy task to perform. With every passing day, new variants of malicious software and ransomware are being introduced. These forms of malware are often bypassing the traditional forms of cyber security. This is why organizations are looking for new ways to identify the malware and prevent them from doing any harm. This can be done only with the help of behavior-based tools, which are driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

AI and ML in Cyber Security

AI and ML has found their uses across various industries. And many of the examples of the use of AI and ML can be found in the daily lives of people in recent times. From personalized marketing and voice assistants to streaming applications offering entertainment and self-driven vehicles, AI and ML can be found almost everywhere these days. The IT industry is no exception at all. The use of AI and ML in cyber security, though, is a new one. However, it is expected to expand significantly in near future, as it is delivering fabulous results.

It’s true that organizations must put in maximum effort in security business data. However, with the increase in the number of cyber threats over the years, securing business data has become a difficult task for organizations. To ensure that the sensitive business data are not acquired by any external force, the organizations are depending on various cyber security options. And one of the most important among them is the AI and ML based cyber security.

Functions of AI and ML in Securing Business Data

The AI and ML based approach is aimed to provide the computers with a responsive ability. While using it in cyber security, the administrators or users need to keep in mind the objectives of the cyber criminals. This is going to help them use AI and ML in the right way while securing business data.

AI ML based applications can be used in cyber security in various ways. These applications use security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) as well as security information and event management (SIEM) to collect data, gather intelligence, and detect any behavior that seems suspicious. Thus, it becomes easier for the applications to use ML based on the collected data.

Here’s a quick look at some of functions of AI and ML based applications in securing business data.

Detection of Frauds and Anomalies

AI and ML learn through the use of data. If the amount of available data is more, it helps the AI and ML based applications to learn about the pattern in which the data are used. This, in turn, comes in handy for them to find out any kind of anomaly in the data. This technique is useful when you're looking to detect fraudulent activity.

Detection of the Use of Botnets for Cyber Attacks

These days, the use of botnets for creating cyber security attacks is quite common. Such attacks can cause major loss of data for the business and thus, in turn, can lead to loss of revenues.

Unsupervised as well as supervised ML algorithms can play important roles in detecting all kinds of bot attacks. By learning the user behavior patterns, the AI ML based applications can also help to stop the bot attacks, thus securing the business environment.

Anti-Malware Activities

When you have an AI ML based application for cyber security, it can help you detect the harmful files. Besides, it can also detect maximum malware, which is significantly more than the number of malwares that a traditional approach helps to detect.

Removal of Human Errors

Even if the cyber security application that you're using for your business is a strong one, it might not give the right results if it's not configured in the right way. And configuring the applications is surely one of the hardest parts. If there is any human error in configuring the application, it is not going to function in the expected manner. This is where AI and ML can come in handy. They can help to do away with the human errors and help the systems to adjust the necessary settings automatically.

Offering Security from Suspicious Emails

AI and ML can also defend your mailbox from suspicious emails. This is also going to ensure that your mailbox is not flooded with spam emails, which can cause security issues. Many of the emails can contain links, which, if clicked, can result in loss of sensitive business information. AI and ML based defense mechanism for emails can help you avoid the loss of any sensitive data, thus securing your business.

Minimize Response Time

When you're running a business, you need to keep the cyber security team alert to fight any kind of external attack. The response time of this cyber security team is one of the most important things, as a shorter response time helps to stop the malware from cause severe damages. However, as automation is used frequently in causing malware attacks, humans are not always capable of matching it in terms of response time. This is where AI and ML can come in handy. They can acquire and analyze data from an attack in no time at all and create a quick response to prevent any further damage.

Summing It Up

The use of AI and ML has diversified significantly over the years. It’s true that AI and ML are quite new compared to various other forms of technologies, which are used these days. However, that has not limited the use of these technologies at all. Instead, AI and ML are finding their uses in increasing number of industries with every passing day. And the IT industry is surely one of them. Along with various other things that are done with AI and ML in the industry, cyber security is also being enhanced with these technologies.

The use of AI and ML to enhance cyber security is extremely important. More so, as the number of cyber attacks on businesses and organizations are constantly on the rise. Earlier, cyber security threats were considered mostly as a technical problem of an organization. However, as the importance of data and information has increased over the years, organizations are realizing the importance of fending off cyber attacks to remain relevant in the competitive business landscape. This is why organizations are looking to predict possible cyber security threats with the help of AI and ML and prevent them to keep the business environment safe and secure.

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