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Battery Management System

March, 24 2021

Background of the Project: Develop a BMS for a Micro Electric 4 wheeler (2 seater)

Details of the project:

  • 48V 60Ah battery pack with a configuration of 2P13S
  • Cell: NMC, pouch cells, 3.7V, 30Ah
  • Monitoring IC: LTC family
  • Microcontroller Used: TMS570 family
  • SOC: Coulomb Counting and Extended Kalman Filter based State Estimation
  • SOH: Extended Kalman Filter based Parameter Estimation
  • Passive Balancing
  • Model Based Development
  • Autocode generation
  • Integration with the passive cooling system

Scope of the Project:

  • Understanding client’s requirement (functional, safety)
  • Obtaining cell parameters under different conditions and model an equivalent circuit model of Lithium Ion cell
  • Deriving the overall system design and architecture of the battery.
  • Deriving overall system design of Battery Management System. Developing the hardware and software architecture respectively
  • Development of Hardware schematic and co-ordinating with 3rd party PCB Designer and PCB manufacturer. Thus board bring up and testing
  • Development and testing  of Embedded Software (Driver configurations, BMIC to microcontroller stack development).
  • Development and testing of BMS algorithms in MATLAB/Simulink.
  • Tuning of BMS algorithm as per the cell parameters.
  • Code generation and integration (SiL, MiL, PiL)
  • Hardware integration and testing


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